Anyway, so I’m part of the #cipdACE Blogsquad for the fourth year in succession and am really looking forward to the Conference and Exhibition.  I’ve blogged in previous years about why you MUST go to at least the Free Exhibition and Free Learning Events, and SHOULD go to the Fringe/Social events happening before and after each day, and how you COULD go to the Conference itself.

These all still apply.

Its a great event, one of the highlights of the professional year for me, and I’d love to see you there – if you spot me wandering past please grab me and say hello, or tweet me during the Conference.  Or just soak in the atmosphere and follow what the Blogsquad are doing in terms of sharing great content.

This year rather than doing a full-blown preview blog, I thought I’d do something different, and have been sharing some spoof promo videos over the last three weeks.  Here they all are:

Here’s my first preview video, with immense apologies to fans of The Fast Show… (and you’d be surprised how many people do NOT remember The Fast Show)

And my second video, spoofing Dr Robert Kelly’s BBC interview… (and you would be surprised how many people thought this was a serious video with my kids genuinely interrupting me)

And my third video, spoofing Guy Goma’s mistaken identity BBC interview… (with thanks to Mark Hendy for the idea and for playing along!)

Anyway, I hope you like them and I hope to see you there!

Till next time…


PS in other news, its coming up to a year since I left employment and started up EPIC. Its been a very busy and informative and enjoyable year…

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