EPIC HR – for employers

Whether you need support with a bespoke HR project, or need an extra pair of hands for your busy HR team, EPIC can help.  EPIC is based in Winsford, Cheshire.

EPIC is up to date with the latest legislation and good practice and can provide you with clear advice and practical support tailored to your unique circumstances, based at client


premises, or delivered remotely, at times to suit.


Ultimately, the aim is to have a happy, productive workforce and EPIC are set up to help you do that.

Examples of the types of support I can provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Bespoke HR and OD consultancy, advice and support
  • Retained HR support on a pay as you go or monthly fee basis (contact for a no obligation discussion)
  • HR policy and employee relations
    • Outsourced case management and independent investigations
    • Drafting and presentation of new or updated policies and procedures including all necessary documents to embed and operate them
    • Production of HR documentation and letters and assistance during peak workloads
    • Advice on talent and performance management
    • Negotiation of settlement agreements
    • Workplace Mediation and dispute resolution support
  • Equality and Diversity advice
  • Recruitment / talent acquisition
    • Review of recruitment policy and processes
    • Review of employer branding
    • Writing recruitment and associated policies and documentation
    • Building a social media presence and using social media to recruit
    • Medium to long term workforce planning advice
    • Design and delivery of assessment centres
    • Individual  and team based personality profiling
    • Design of onboarding and induction processes and documentation
    • Exit interviews and job design prior to recruitment
    • Interviewing help

Support for HR teams

Having worked in-house, I know there are situations where an extra pair of hands would be really useful. When I worked in-house, I was forced to turn to Google to find HR consultants who could help in such situations, and often wished I had a triedPicture5, tested and trusted on-tap resource I could call on on a no-obligation basis to help out when I needed it.

And now, that’s EPIC.

These are the types of situations EPIC help with:

  • Covering for unexpected absence in the HR team when you can’t reallocate work to someone else
  • Professional supervision for your frontline HR staff – helping them to process and deal with the difficult issues they face on a regular basis by offering a sounding board for ideas and a way of effectively processing the emotion of the cases they deal with
  • A workplace investigation needs someone independent and external to the organisation
  • A project is starting that can’t be resourced from within the HR team due to workloads or specific skillsets required
  • Peaks in workloads mean the team need an extra pair of hands on a short-term basis
  • You need to find someone to deliver L&D interventions to the business but can’t spare anyone within your team in the near future to design and develop something

If any of the above scenarios apply (or any that I haven’t thought of), then contact me and I can help at short notice. I can seamlessly fit into your department and operate as an extension of the HR team for a suitable agreed day rate.

NB some of the above services may be delivered in association with partner organisations and this would be made clear at the outset