23550117_150680262210562_3579796385213436218_o“Above average in physical fitness is achievable for most people. Olympic standard isn’t. In the personal training I do, I want to work with clients who aren’t happy with who they are and want to change. Those clients who recognise they could be better and want to learn all the various things that need to happen to be better, from nutrition, to focused training and objectives, to understanding physical limits and work life balance issues, to understand the rules and the need for support, the need to make lasting lifestyle changes. Those who want to be “above average” and harness the Power of Three.”

If you’re interested in becoming above average, without the pressure of trying to be the best – if you want to be a bit better than others, without the commitment needed to go out and win races and competitions – if you want to feel good about yourself but don’t think you have time and energy to completely transform yourself – then let’s talk.

Whatever your goals, I can help you achieve them.  As a qualified Personal Trainer (registered with REP) I can put together a supportive, helpful programme and work with you to make sure it improves whatever aspect of your fitness, nutrition or everyday activities you wish to work on.

As a regular triathlete I also specialise in working with those who want to take up the sport and those who are just starting out and want to improve their performance.

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