We’re going on an ADVENTure

As many of you will know, the wonderful Kate Griffiths-Lambeth has, for the last five years, curated a series of Advent Blogs each year on a given theme.

This year Kate announced it would be her last one curating the series, and asked for someone to take over from her.

I had some advance warning of this, having chatted to Kate at the CIPD Conference over some alcohol in the evening, and I mused on my way back to my hotel whether I ought to volunteer.

I mentioned to my wife the following day that Kate was stepping down, and without me even broaching the subject she said I ought to take it over.

So when, for the fourth year running, I wrote my Advent Blog for Kate and submitted it to her, I offered to take it over, but I did think that there would be a great many volunteers and I didn’t really think I’d be taken up on my offer.

But, as things transpired, Kate asked me some weeks later if I still wished to take over the series and of course I was happy to accept.

So, here we are.

Kate has just posted the final of this year’s Advent series and, as in previous years, the popularity of the series and volume of posts has seen it extend into January.

The series has, as always, been a joy to read and take part in, and Kate’s contribution to this must not be understated.

I’ve inherited a wonderful series, in tremendous shape, and I do feel honoured and privileged to be given the chance to do so.

Kate is a hard act to follow and whilst I can’t hope to emulate and duplicate what she has done entirely, I do intend to preserve the spirit of the series and the core principles she has followed in the last five years.

This is a series that isn’t broken, so there’s no need to fix it.

That said, I’m not Kate (and few are, if you know what I mean) and I’ll no doubt have elements of my own that will creep in over time, but I hope to keep as much of the tradition as I can.

Watch out for some announcements in the autumn, but I hope that many of the regular contributors to the series will feel able to carry on contributing, and that they’ll be joined by some new voices, and that all who read the blogs will enjoy them as immensely as I have with recent series.

Kate will, happily, return as a contributor, but her curation will be missed.

If I can do half as good a job as she has, I’ll be happy.

And I hope you will too.

Till next time…


Ps in other news, the New Year hasn’t got off to a great start on a personal level, and in fact on some levels quite distressing. One hopes that, after just one day, things can only get better…