As a Tutor-Assessor with cHRysos HR, Gary adds value to the learning experience by sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with students. He is personable, supportive and a great communicator. Gary is passionate about getting the best out of people in the workplace and a superb ambassador for the importance of work-life balance .

Julie Gordon, Managing Director, Chrysos HR

I’ve worked with Gary as a client on a number of occasions and have always found Gary to be very professional, commercial and forward thinking. I’d recommend Gary to any organisation looking for help in the field of HR.

CEO, HR Software Company

Gary is a very competent professional HRD Manager with excellent teaching and communication skills. He has proven experince in designing bespoke and innovative training interventions for leaders and managers form level 2 team leader level to L7 Masters Degree level that results in measurable performance improvements.

Andrew Maund, Senior Consultant

I worked with Gary to assist him in recruiting a Health and Safety Advisor Vacancy. An agreed time scale was agreed and I found Gary to be cooperative, efficient and he responded quickly to all my enquiries. After the process was completed he also allocated time so the we could review the entire process and he supplied constructive feedback on both my recruitment service and the candidates he met. I found Gary to be both professional and personable

Simone Wheeler, Marketing Manager

I have worked with Gary for a number of years and have always enjoyed the clarity and well thought through ideas that Gary produces. As well as the creativity Gary provides in OD solutions he also delivers. His tenacity in execution is fantastic and desired results are always achieved.

Gary is very reflective in is approach, ensuring the required thinking is in place to enable the right action to happen. It is always a pleasure to work with Gary.

Graham Wilson Successfactory

I have known Gary since we worked together at ICI in the late 1990’s. At that time I was leading the implementation of a change in People Management Processes as part of a BPR project. Soon afterwards Gary and I worked closely together for a period to bring this methodology into his department. As a colleague, Gary was most reliable and diligent in ensuring things were on the right track and he brought particular insights about the process and culture to the project implementation. Subsequently I have worked on a project with Gary as a client and as a Professional Adviser when he was a CIPD course tutor. Gary’s career development and moves have been well thought through. He has considered and implemented appropriate and timely CPD and it has been a pleasure and privilege to act as a sounding board on career direction. His roles have grown in scope and strategic impact and Gary thrives on the challenge as an HR leader and delivers great work.

Wyn Llewellyn HR Consultant

I had the pleasure of working with Gary whilst studying towards a teaching qualification (CTLLS), at that time Gary was delivering the Level 3 Certificate in Personnel Practice at Mid-Cheshire College.

Gary was an excellent mentor, providing me with a number of opportunities to learn and develop as a teacher/trainer. Gary is extremely knowledgeable in his field and very capable of enlightening others with regards to concepts, theories and contemporary thinking by successfully communicating these as practical solutions and justifiable responses to HR issues.

Gary is focussed, honest, thorough and shows dynamism and enthusiasm in his teaching methods. I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation based on the time I spent under Gary’s wing; I wish that some of my own teachers had been quite so full of gusto and passion for their teaching matter whilst I was studying towards my CIPD!

Kerry Taylor, HR Business Partner

Gary worked with me on the CIPD blogsquad at our major HR and L and D events on several occasions. I found Gary to be a reliable and friendly person who always delivered great results and was a fun and hardworking member of our team. Gary’s writing skills are excellent and he has a great ability to grasp a new situation and pick things up quickly. I’ve really enjoyed working with him over the years!

Johanna Ratcliffe, Social Media and Digital Communities Manager, CIPD

I recently reconnected with Gary after meeting him for the first time in 2005.

Gary has built a strong personal brand for himself, as an innovative, confident and immensely likeable presenter. I’ve seen him present at several large HR/L&D events to great acclaim – he always approaches his audience with humility, creativity and a genuine curiosity about how he can add value.

I’m sure Gary would appear as a key influencer in many ‘personal learning networks’ (he’s certainly a firm feature in mine). He’s well-known as a considered, generous sharer of well-curated content, both of others, as well as his own blogs, articles and videos.

Mark Gilroy, Managing Director TMSDI Ltd

I am delighted to be able to recommend Gary.

I first came across him on social media, as he was recommend as one to follow. His writing is honest, personal and inspirational. When we first met IRL I was pleasantly surprised at how humble, unassuming, real and human Gary really is.

He doesn’t push a professional HR ego in your face, despite his significant experience. He is just himself. And I think this comes across when he stands up and speaks at events. I will never forget the shock, surprise and warmth in the room when he first spoke at CIPD NAP, delivering his poetic insights into the world of work. I was completely blown away, as was the whole of the rest of the audience.

But none of that comes close to the most remarkable thing about Gary. That is that he not only talks about the human side of work – he lives it. He knows what’s important to him, and how he wants to live his life and he is prepared to make bold and brave choices. He is, and should be, an inspiration to us all.

Phil Marsland, HR Consultant