I have worked with Gary in 2010-2011, where I picked up from my colleagues relationship with him as she left for maternity leave. Straight away Gary adapted professionally to the change and made me feel very welcome. I Immediately found Gary easy to work with and I liked the fact that he could make decisions and always fulfilled any timescales that were in place. He is easy to talk to and in a positive way direct with his feedback and thoughts. He has great attention to detail and what I would call natural ability to think out of the box with his recruitment ideas for GGHT.

I work with lots of clients everyday and Gary certainly stands out as being very passionate about his work and his team and colleagues throughout GGHT and having attended his offices on numerous occasions and meeting his team, that is very apparent. There really is positivity throughout, which can only add to the success of GGHT as an organisation. I really enjoy working with Gary and very happy to provide a recommendation.

― Sarah Peace, Instructional Designer, Robert Half